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Have you dreamed of running a profitable business
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The Creative Blog Co. is a community for online creatives – built to help support you, through services and resources, and sell your creativity the intentional way.

We serve the creative economy: photographers,
makers, beauty brands, health and lifestyle gurus, life coaches, organic eco-wear designers.

You create it, we work with you!

Turn your someday into today.

Want that cafe-dwelling, soul-enriching lifestyle?

What if I told you, you can work online forever by changing the way you think about blog monetization?

Remember when you first started,
when this whole blogging thing was actually fun?

When you weren’t so focused on growth or wealth?
When you led with your creativity and purpose?

Let’s get you back there. That’s how you’re going to grow your online business.

Start viewing your blog as a business and your creativity as your life source. Meld the two, not only to earn big, intentional dollars, but to live out your self-made, creative everyday.

What if you had the tools to:

// convert your words into profit?
// Work with clients that get YOU and your brand?
// grow an engaged, uniquely-you list of subscribers?
// Sell your creativity WITHOUT selling your soul?
// Live a creative life and work online for years to come?

Stop wasting your time on
monetization strategies that make no money.

Get back to basics: why did you decide to start a blog?

For me? Escape. From the words (at the time, a journalism student) to the photography, to learning SEO and web design, shifting my creativity online really changed my world.

I reached that (inevitable) point in blogging when monetization crossed my mind.

Faster than you can say “SHOW ME THE MONEY”, I had signed up to every (low-value) affiliate program, added a crazy amount of advertising code to my sidebar and checked my Google Analytics more times than my Facebook feed daily.

Sound a bit like where you’re at, yeah?

Hint: I made enough to cover my hosting and then… it stopped there.

So obsessed by earning that cash money from my low-traffic blog, I used a high-traffic framework that led to nowhere. More, it led to bad contentI no longer found that creative joy in the process, instead fixated on a destination that was NEVER sustainable for me or my business.

Ready to move your zero-earning blog into a creative business?

Whatever your blogging goals may be, developing a successful monetization strategy

starts with changing your mindset.


High Traffic, Search-Focused Monetization Strategies
→ Low Value Affiliate Programs
→ eCommerce


Community + Consistency = Conversion


Low Traffic, Community-Focused Monetization Strategies
Digital Products
→ Memberships
→ Services

You’re already creating online, now it’s time to do it the right way.

Hey, I’m Amie!

I make a living online as founder of The Creative Blog Co. and I’m a wearer of all service-based online hats: copywriter, content strategist, web designer, blogger, marketer. In 2016, after 3 months working hard to make THIS idea (after several failed others, plus 6 years in blogging) come to life, I quit my full-time job in marketing and doubled my monthly income. I believe I have found the formula that has allowed me to work online, forever.

I work with creative brands and entrepreneurs to craft a digital story that lasts a lifetime.
And I’ve got the skills and experience to prove it…

Bachelor of Media and Communications (Journalism), UNSW
2 years in digital marketing for a tech company
6+ years in blogging and web design
Owner of two service-based online businesses


with a free business plan built for creative types

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