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The Creative Blog Co. is a community for online creatives – built to help support you, through services and resources, and sell your creativity the intentional way.

Serving the creative economy:



beauty brands,

health and lifestyle gurus,

life and business coaches,

organic eco-wear designers,

virtual assistants.


That’s me! I’m Amie: a digital nomad with a love for strong coffee,
creative spaces and intentional people.

I started The Creative Blog Co. out of a desire to connect, collaborate and inspire the community of dreamers and adventurers working online.

It hasn’t always been this inspiring or easy for me to make connections with other people.
Because little did I know, those people… well, they weren’t my people.

I’d been blogging as a side-hustle for 6 years at this point,
I made a few hundred dollars from sponsored posts, worked with a few brands,
and even tried my hand at affiliate marketing.

But then, I wanted more…

What shifted in me, was after years working in journalism and marketing, was the hope that somewhere, somehow or someone could inch me closer to my remote work dreams.

Before this dream became a reality, I needed to…

Create a conversion-focused website.

Grow my email list.

Build an initial client base.

Quit my 9-5.


But I didn’t go from instant coffee to cocktails overnight. Two months of tireless nights later, The Creative Blog Co. was born as a copywriting services business in 2015.

I started thinking like a business owner instead of a blogger.

Six months later and with
an ever-expanding client list, I wanted more freedom,
so I developed the Clarity. Visbility. Abundance. framework,
as a way to help bloggers move into a business mindset.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been in a place where you have:

Put more time into clients that never delivered

Spent hours slowly growing a list that didn’t convert

Rarely interacted in Facebook groups, scared of the outcome


Sound familiar?
Just as I have failed in the past, I’ve learned the exact route to making my business sustainable in the process.

Most bloggers, especially new bloggers, use high-traffic, search-focused monetization strategies, meaning a lot of Amazon affiliate links and not a whole lot of return.

Feeling disenfranchised, the blog posts and social media posts become less frequent and eventually stagnate.

In one of those “there has to be another way” moments, I moved away from low-converting strategies and into the world of community-based marketing.

Digital Products

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Coaching & Service Packages

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Community + Consistency = Conversion


Low Traffic, Community-Focused Monetization Strategies
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