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[Video Training] How to Curate a Beautiful Instagram Feed

Amie Hamling, Owner at The Creative Blog Co.

13 JUNE 2017

I don’t generally post about social media tips and tricks on here — as I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few social media strategists (see: Ashley’s article on 3 Tips for Growing Your Email List With Social Media Marketing). But when creating content for my Passion Project Masterclass (a free course, now in session), it was clear to me to focus on what was/what isn’t working in my own business; obviously, working with so many creative people in the same space as myself, all trying to grow their lists and client base.

So here’s what (to my surprise) really worked for me… Instagram.

Now I may only have ~1,000 followers, but I’ve made sales and gained clients from curating a beautifully branded Instagram feed and taking FULL advantage of Instagram’s Stories function. Follow @creativeblogco on Insta here.

The reason I decided to add this into the Masterclass was, well, simply because there’s such limited information out there for people just starting out. It’s always geared towards getting hundreds of thousands of followers, when that’s just not realistic for most at the start.

And… believe it or not, it’s possible to sell and gain clients with just 1,000-2,000 followers. Getting there is just as possible, too.

I explain more about me, and why/how a beautiful Instagram feed can help you refine your branding and sell to your dream audience. Enjoy — and send me an email if you want to chat more!