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Wow, I’m totally flattered!

But also, my inbox piles up on the reg. So let’s get some questions answered so I can direct you in the right place (and you won’t be wondering where your reply got to!). For the quickest response, send me an email directly at or DM me on Instagram


Guest Posting

If you’ve got something to say, and a damn good pitch, on… online business, blog monetization, branding, launching a blog, copywriting… then, let’s talk!


Copywriting or Business Services

So you read the blog, love what The Creative Blog Co. does and wanna find out how you can palm off the hard stuff (copywriting, design, etc.). Well, I recently closed ALL services and strictly offer information and training. I do, however, recommend our sister site Harvest Studios. if you want a dope website created with your brand vision in mind.


Product/Service Reviews and Advertising

Advertising… no. Unless you’re an affiliate network I am already familiar with. The Creative Blog Co. accepts PR related to the creativity industry and online business growth.


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