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How to Write a Kick-Ass, Uniquely-You About Page

Amie Hamling, Owner at The Creative Blog Co.


Did you know the About Me page is one of the most visited pages on any blog or website? Crazy? Actually, no. Think about when you read a blog post, and you’re really engaged and then you wonder, what’s this person and/or website all about? Ahhh, the ABOUT page.

And then you get there, and there’s two sentences and a link to the contact page. Impressive? Nuh-uh.

Your About Me/Us page needs to have soul. Creating a kick ass page is easy if you invest some time in a few simple tricks; instead of writing that blog post today, take some time for your About page.

Write a mission statement that reflects what you do.

Make it simple and concise. Don’t ‘fluff it up’ — use the keywords that your audience are searching for. Are you a lifestyle blogger? Pop that in there. A beauty blogger? A fitness blogger? A furniture business? A virtual assistant? Those key phrase about you should sing.

It’s not about you. It’s about your reader.

You may think that’s a contradictory statement, but it’s not. What you do is for your audience, so make it about them. Create a need through your About page. For example, ‘You’re a beauty or fashion blogger without the time to create + style perfect outfits. Imagine if you could focus more on your dream look, and leave the posting, scheduling and oh-so-boring chores up to us. You’ll increase your engagement + become a better blogger.’ It’s that simple! Even the most seasoned of marketers and SEO consultants believe how your audience feels when they land on your About page is key. Ben Austin (for Moz) writes,

“Human nature dictates that we are, first and foremost, concerned with our own problems.”

Promote your resources.

You’re probably thinking what we’re on about when we just told you to focus on your audience. To combine points one + two, you have to be in the mindset of what you can eventually do for your audience/potential clients, by considering adding:

— Links to popular or helpful posts
— A newsletter/opt-in subscription
— Links to your social media accounts

Promote yourself.

Put a face to a name. Introduce yourself and your skills, you’d be surprised at how a human face and personality can sell a product or service. People sell to people. People interact with people. Community building is all about those relationships you cultivate, and you do that, by sharing a bit about you, what you do and how you can help. Ask yourself: why did you start this blog or business? When? What skills to you bring to the table?

Big + bold statements.

The design of your About page is important to the overall feeling you give your audience. Separate your ‘sections’ with your branding in H2 or H3 — make them big enough to be noticeable and read quickly. Use your passion + experience when writing powerful brand statements.

Sometimes it takes a few re-writes to create that perfect page. Sometimes it starts with fire in your belly and you get it first hit.

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