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6 High-Value Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers

Amie Hamling, Owner at The Creative Blog Co.
22 JANUARY 2018


That felt weird. Typing 2018 as the date in my blog post.

Last week, I shared an incredibly useful (if I do say so myself) checklist for bloggers that want to dive into the world of affiliate marketing, or for those or already have, but aren’t seeing much traction.

I made $50 this morning via SiteGround from literally doing nothing but collecting cash based on my previous hard work. I’m in a cute ‘flashpacker’ hostel in Malacca/Melaka, Malaysia as I write this. How epic is that?! Drinks on me tonight!

I want to show you the exact path I take each month, like a checklist, with these programs. I promise to touch more on the how in later blog posts, but for now, HAPPY 2018 and sign up for the programs below:


Read on, creative…

Have you created an income plan for 2018 yet?

If you haven’t, there’s still time. And there’s no perfect way to do it, either.

One income stream you should leverage this year is affiliate marketing.

Now, assuming you’ve heard of it before, you may even be making pennies (or more!) from links here and there; your 2018 affiliate marketing game is about to be up-levelled – with one simple cheat sheet.

No matter what niche you’re in, you can take advantage of high-value programs. By all means, if you have the traffic, give the ‘big guns’ a go, such as Amazon or Google AdSense. But if you’re struggling to get the traffic needed to sustain these programs, get your head around the six programs I use to make money each month.

This is just ONE way I use my blog to make money online.

Otherwise known as ‘passive income’. The kind of money that, using a lil’ strategy, falls into my PayPal account at regular intervals.

1 / ConvertKit

The BOSS of all email marketing programs, ConvertKit is your affiliate program to promote the power of email lists to your audience. Bloggers and entrepreneurs love the setup because it’s easy and subscriber-based, rather than list based (NO DOUBLE-UPS!). Commission can be lucrative as each person that signs up via your link, creates recurring revenue for you + CK. Earnings start from $8.70 for a sign up and the cheque comes through every month. Win-win!

2 / SiteGround

As I mentioned, I earned a cheeky lil $50 from this commission link whilst I walked around the streets of historic Melaka this morning.

You need hosting, so sign up for a host that not only offers the best support under the sun, but also an affiliate system that has the potential to earn big passive income for your blog or business. Every 30 days, sales are tracked and start at $50 for 1-3 sales and go up to up to $125 per sale.

Sign up here >

3 / Ultimate Bundles

Affiliates earn 40% for every sale on the Ultimate Bundles program. As the name suggests, bundles of value (from blogging to photography tools) are discounted for fast-buy. Others can be promoted all year round and work perfectly as an ad in your sidebar. This program is particularly awesome if you love learning and want access to the bundles too; you either get 40% off all bundles OR for every 5 sales you make of the bundle, it’s yours FREE.

Sign up here >

4 / Interact (Quizzes)

If you’ve done a quiz on a fellow entrepreneurs blog or website, chances are your working with Interact. It’s an awesome tool and their affiliate program is even better, because you get access to their system FOR FREE. Even if you don’t sell anything, you get to work with an incredible piece of software that changes the game for your email list growth. Oh, and they share 30% of recurring revenue from your sales just like CK (YAY!).

Sign up here >

5 / CreativeLive

Perfect for content lovers and business owners, CreativeLive has everything you need to promote and share new programs with your community, plus you earn $$$. Commission is between 10-20% of the sale; the average sale is ~$100, so plenty of earning potential.

Sign up here >

6 / Courses

Invest and earn. My highest affiliate earners have come from programs I have purchased (i.e. Melyssa Griffin’s Blog to Biz Hive) and then promoted to my audience. Often programs such as these offer up to 50% of the purchase price, which can end up being HUGE (think $500).

Use it like a checklist. Start at the top and make the programs a part of your 2018 income plan.

The biggest takeaway for effective affiliate marketing is to INVEST to earn from high-value programs and software.

Make 2018 the year you invest AND earn.