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How I Grew My Email List and Passive Income From ONE Course

Amie Hamling, Owner at The Creative Blog Co.

17 AUGUST 2017

Usually when I see a post like this one, I take it with a grain of salt.

In fact, I didn’t ever think I’d write one so openly saying “I did this course and it FREAKIN’ worked”, but here I am – proudly telling you (creative blogger) that your idea matters, you just need the guidance to get there.

As you know, I teach bloggers how to create a new monetization strategy, that doesn’t focus on high traffic strategies on, what usually is, a low traffic blog.

I know this framework WORKS. (That’s a mouthful!) But seriously, it does.

You may have hear of the (truly inspirational, and that’s NO downplay) Melyssa Griffin. She teaches one niche aspect of how you can turn your little blog into a monster of a money-maker.

And that’s with online courses. In the six months since I’ve worked through her course, I have seen growth in my email list, my website traffic and my passive income.

I’m still in the WIP stage, my online course is launching later this year. But if you know f*** all about Pinterest (yup!) and want to dive into a world that creates community and passive sales, then have I got something for you!

The Blog to Biz community literally changed the way I run my business and think about making money online.

In case you haven’t already, you HAVE to sign up for Melyssa’s FREE online training where she discusses all the strategies that will allow you to succeed online.

You deserve it. Invest time in you. Plus, it’s free so you don’t lose anything.

If you want your business to grow, start here.

Join the Blog to Biz Hive course.

An Email List of Engaged Subscribers

Isn’t it SO annoying when every business owner out preaches about the email list and its potential and you’re sitting there with 10 subscribers who don’t even open your emails?

Yeah, I was in that boat too.

Last December, my email list grew rapidly from 0 to 70 on my own doing.


It had me dancing around my bedroom and sending out email blasts whenever I had a new thought or tried a marketing strategy from (none other than) Melyssa’s blog.

But still, a $29 eBook received little-to-no traction. My dream of passive income was slipping and my client work piled up.

I was running a 30 Day Launch Your Blog course at the time and I had a few ‘community’ members who were loving the content… but then, it wouldn’t send. And I focused so much on the 30 EMAILS (!!) that my list didn’t grow at all during this period.

I was using MailChimp campaigns; they weren’t only not automated, but sometimes the server didn’t want them to reach my people. And with each send, I LOST subscribers.


I felt like I was doing everything right. A 30 day challenge about starting a blog should be working, I thought to myself.

WHY? No sales, nothing.

My offering wasn’t even high value and it was packed with useful info.

That month, as I hovered closer to working full-time on my blog, I made the decision…

Invest now or never grow.

I knew my email list was important, but this was just ridiculous. How could I keep this up?! Maybe I should just focus on my clients…

I’d been reading Melyssa’s blog for a while now and I was part of her Online Business BFFs FB Group (now closed). Then, I attended a training where I implemented just a few steps and again, my list grew. I was surprised and SO eager to start the new year with an epic plan.

When Blog to Biz Hive came along, I knew I could use my skills as a blogger to turn a part of my business into a learning hub.

I had knowledge, so naturally, I should sell that value.

The how came from Melyssa’s course.

The second module of the course is ALL about growing your email list, which soon became my priority.

I changed from MailChimp to ConvertKit under Melyssa’s recommendation. The first of many changes that saw INSTANT growth and clarity in my business.

Over the course of 6 lessons, I was handed the keys to email list growth, including:

– WHY my email list was important
– How to create an opt-in freebie that my audience actually wants
– Creating a weekly newsletter (Community!!)
– How to write a welcome series (I had NOTHING before!)
– An intro into LeadPages (SO awesome!)

And that’s just one of the modules. There’s info in there, after 6 years as a blogger, that I had never even considered.

That’s when…

Things started to happen.

I increased my subscribers by over 200 people in the first month of this year by simply following Melyssa’s email list module.

Broken down, these mainly came from my Creative Business Plan opt-in – something my community actually wanted.

Not some 30 day ‘challenge’ that failed to focus.

Melyssa is teaching these core strategies (I especially recommend sticking around for the email list info) in a 4 day free video series this week.

She lays the foundations for how you can go from 0 subscribers to a targeted list that grows month-on-month.

After January I slowed down on the list promotions, which I will mention a little later on, but continued to nurture my subscribers instead. Another important aspect of Melyssa’s training.

You can build a list as high as you like, but if you never email them, or it’s inconsistent – no one is going to care OR buy.

Which brings me to the rest of this year… I have spent most of this year travelling or working remotely with clients. I worked just a few hours a week on list growth using Melyssa’s strategies and here are the results:

JANUARY: Huge growth – massive input!

FEBRUARY: Another big month, focused on GROWTH

MARCH-APRIL: I was in the Caribbean during this period and instead of focusing on list growth, I started carefully planning and emailing my list, creating new resources and building community.

MAY: The third module of Blog to Biz Hive focuses on email list strategies. I hadn’t (and still haven’t, there’s so many) tried all the suggested routes to list growth. So in May, I was back from my travels, and decided to start a resource library which I called The Creative Blog Starter Kit. I had multiple opt-in forms and landing pages all over my site, and there, I gained growth again.

JUNE: With a new set of subscribers, I decided again to focus on nuturing and spending time with subscribers on a 1-to-1 basis too. My list was growing higher, but I wanted to reply to every email I received. So I backed off with the promotion and the list STILL grew (OMG!).

JULY: You’re probably thinking WTF?! Why have you not grown in July? Shouldn’t you have peaked here? Well, no. I had no opt-in forms for most of July. My resources were no longer serving the new vision I had for The Creative Blog Co., so I had to start over. As you may well be aware, I’m redeveloping to introduce my new course over Jul-Aug. With a huge help from Melyssa, her course and her community.

I can’t wait to see how I grow further come September!

Working to a Passive Income Business Model

While I don’t have ‘sales’ figures from selling a course YET, I can tell you I wouldn’t be in a position to sell a course without Melyssa’s course.


And now, I have the list to sell this course to (and they’re fully engaged, totally MY people). Back in December, there’s no way I would have considered making sales with an email list.

But Blog to Biz Hive changed all that.

Join the Blog to Biz Hive course.

Want to chat 1-on-1 about Melyssa’s course/s? Schedule a time with me by emailing Happy list growing!

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