3 Tips to Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

Ashley Mason, Guest Blogger (Dash of Social)

15 MARCH 2017

Having an email list is one of the easiest and most important outlets to use to connect with your audience and potential clients. It’s like publishing a blog post, but it’s more intimate and personal because you’re individually sending it to each person.

I was able to grow my email list from 0 subscribers to 500+ subscribers OVERNIGHT just using social media. Seriously – it was THAT easy. The most important thing to remember is that this was done using an opt-in, which is a freebie that people automatically get sent after signing up for your email list. If you’re wondering how you can use social media to grow your email list, follow these tips below.

1 / Link to your opt-in in all of your bios.

A bio is often one of the first things a person will look at when coming across one of your social media accounts. Include a link to your bio so that people will instantly become intrigued and click on it. I have links to one of my opt-ins in my Twitter and Instagram bios because those are the two platforms that I use the most.

You can say something like, “Click below to get a FREE social media content calendar template!” or another line depending on what it is you have to offer. I was able to include a ton of conversions after including my links in my bios.

2 / Show the benefits of your opt-in in Facebook groups.

By posting in two Facebook groups on just ONE night, I was able to use my opt-in of a free social media content calendar to go from 0 subscribers to 500+.

I chose two extremely popular Facebook groups that I was pretty active in and promoted my opt-in through those two groups. However, instead of making it seem like a pitch to the group members, I just showed the benefits of what my opt-in could do for them.

It was near the end of December, so I used the phrase that the new year is coming and now is the time to get ahead on your social media strategy as one of your new year’s resolutions – and it worked. People LOVE feeling organized and accomplishing goals, so this attracted them!

3 / Search keywords and reach out to people in need.

On Twitter and Facebook (particularly in groups), I’m constantly searching keywords that relate to one of my opt-ins. For example, if I search “social media” in a Facebook group and someone asks a question that’s relevant to content scheduling, I’ll comment and leave a link to my opt-in. Searching is one of the easiest things to do because you can quickly search through to see how you can help others!

An important takeaway from this is to remember to be consistent with your promotions – figure out what exactly will work for you when promoting across your social media channels and stick with it. Consistency is key! Looking for more advice regarding social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more? Sign up to receive my weekly tips in your inbox every Wednesday morning!


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