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How to Use a Free Quiz for Market Research

Amie Hamling, Owner at The Creative Blog Co.


Market research is one of those parts of business that we tried so hard to avoid, even though it is the key to unlocking sales and clients.

If we don’t know the market we’re working in, or if there’s even an audience for our products or services, then there’s not much point to being in business.

Major companies and saturated markets spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on their market research efforts before releasing ANY new product or service.

But at the core of it, they do something pretty. damn. simple. They ASK their audience what they actually want.

They ask their audience their problems.

They ask their audience how they can solve them.

They ask their audience where they purchase and why.

They ask their audience who they are, what makes them buy and how X product or service can change their day-to-day.

Pretty simple stuff here — and incredibly lucrative information for any business BIG or SMALL.

Have you surveyed your current audience, or if you’re yet to start a business, have you even thought about asking your ideal audience what they want?


Simply, you have an advantage over all your competitors when you know your audience.

Collecting data to essentially use to create products or services that SELL — that’s market research.

Understanding your market, competition and environment you’re working in is a must for business sustainability. Even though markets shift, you’re going to outlast the others hustlin’ just like you when you’re in a customer-centric mindset.

You haven’t just considered what people MIGHT want, you’ve ASKED them.


To make sure you’re getting the answers you want, you need to be asking the right questions.

Start with the answers before the questions.

What would you like to know about your audience?

  • How much they would pay for X product.
  • If they have hired a coach before.
  • How young (or old) their business in.
  • If they’re looking to invest in X service.
  • Where they found your blog or business.
  • What problems they face in their business.
  • Where they turn to for information.
  • What communities they ‘hang out’ in.
  • What content they’d like to see from you.

Now you have your questions. And the best part of this, is that you can create this as an opt-in for your business when you OFFER AN OUTCOME.

Ask yourself: What would your audience WANT to know about their BUSINESS?

e.g. Find Out What Type of Business Owner You Are, Take the Quiz: What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

In this case, you would frame questions as such:

  • How long have you owned a business?
  • What content do you prefer to consume? (Blog posts, video training, etc.)
  • Where do you spend most of your time online? (Facebook Groups, Instagram, etc.)


See how EASY it is to collect information that you want, when you’re offering an outcome. Plus, you’ll grow your list in the process.

I created a quiz with Interact* and used it to decipher if my audience made money online with services, affiliate marketing or digital products, so I could tailor my content to serve those people. And my audience WANT to know where to focus their time and energy on, so they’re happy to give their details to find out the outcome of the quiz.

Here’s the quiz I created in literally 15 minutes and within half an hour, I’d already had 9 responses from a post I did in a Facebook group:

Until 22 December 2017, you can get 25% off Interact* so you can make your own quizzes just like this one above ^


Grow your list and get to know your audience better.

Interact* is AWESOME because it integrates with SO many email marketing programs. I have a form at the end of my quiz that adds participants directly into a sales sequence. HOW COOL!

Happy Holidays, creatives!

Once you create your quiz, please send me the link so I can join your list and see your wonderful creations!