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6 Creative Blog Niches that Make Money (and How to Find Yours)

Amie Hamling, Owner at The Creative Blog Co.

10 MAY 2017

This is Part 1 in the Plan Your Creativity series.

There’s no denying you can make money online. I do, many of my closest friends do, and the entrepreneurs I look up to do.

As Melissa Ambrosini would say, ‘wealthy’ isn’t a dirty word. We need to start embracing our desire to be paid our worth, and make a living that is truly deserve.

Making money online, for the most part, is not an easy, quick fix solution if you’re out of cash. It’s hard work and it requires an entrepreneurial attitude.

Basically, you need to be in it for the long haul.

Whilst my main focus in blogging and business isn’t to teach creatives how to make millions of dollars, I know the importance (and the desire) to earn money online.

The ability to create a sustainable income and goal-orientated lifestyle is much more lucrative to me than someone who dangles the million dollar carrot in their audience’s face. It’s certainly possible, but for the most of us, living a happy, purposeful life is where the true reward lies.

After studying journalism at university, I discovered the real value of finding a niche in your writing. Rather than saying, “I can do it all”, it’s much more powerful to say “I do this, and I do it well.”

So let’s get to work and find your purposeful niche!

Write What You Know

This is where we all get stuck. What do I even know?!

This, my creative friend, is a myth. A myth that will get you stuck in one mindset, enough to make you never reach out for your goals.

Anything can be taught. Anything can be learned.

You just need to persist on what it is that fuels your fire. And I want to help you find what that is.

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What is ‘Niching Down’ and Why Should You Consider It?

Firstly, if you’ve got this far and you’re still like “what even is a niche?” It is your gateway into an intentional, sustainable business model.

A niche is a speciality topic, something you can end up (after hard work, remember) being known for by people you admire.

That’s why you will hear a lot of bloggers that teach blogging mention “niching down” as a quality way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

You may niche down in a few ways:

  • Refocusing the overall topic of your blog to just 1-2 parts
  • Only offering certain services (instead of saying you can do it all), e.g. just design, just editing, just copywriting, etc.
  • Removing topics/categories from your current blog that don’t serve your audience
  • Taking a survey of your audience and asking them, “what do you believe I do?” Hopefully you’ll find your answer here

How to Measure the Success of Your Niche

The most lucrative business idea you have, is really up to you. It’s the one you’re most willing to work for, not necessarily the one that is ‘proven’ to make the most money online.

So many of us define success as money, and how much of it we can earn. But the truth is, having a niche and a blog that actually makes money is pretty damn impressive. If it can support you and your dream lifestyle, even better.

Try defining the success of your niche by two factors:

  • If you can reach your ideal audience (and make them LOVE what you do)
  • Make an impact on the online world (via followers, subscribers, and your awesome creations)

You need a plan, and a good one!

Creative Blog Niches That Make Money Online

1. Blogging and Entrepreneurship

Note: this is not the way to start making money online.

You have to do your time first, pal. Be a blogger, earn money from blogging (affiliate marketing, partnerships, advertising).

It’s not the first step to creating a profitable online business. But if you can quit your 9-5, make decent cash, travel the world, then your audience will be all ears. Trust me.

Within this, you need to stand out and inevitably ‘niche down’. Here’s how to specialise in just one money-making field:

  • Online Courses
  • Content Marketing
  • Pinterest
  • Systems and Processes
  • Self Care for Entrepreneurs

2. Hand Lettering and DIY

This may come left field, but in recent years, hand lettering has caused quite a stir online. From prints to online courses, to commissioned work and custom art, there’s limitless potential for DIY skills.

Some of my favourite hand letters (that are making bank) are:

3. Health and Wellness

Business is booming in the health and wellness area, especially online. There’s so many ways to grab the attention of your people through a well-crafted niche.

As always, it’s all about being intentional in the way you position yourself or your business. Really focus on what you do, why and for who — you’re not for everyone, and that’s okay. You can just focus on women, you can just focus on men. You’re not losing anything by being specific.

For example, check out these kick-ass niched biz owners and entrepreneurs:

  • Slow Your Home — a blog and podcast focusing on simple living and minimalism
  • Melissa Ambrosini — a health coach with a focus on creating vibrant lives for women (in their careers, relationships and finances)
  • JSHealth / Jessica Sepel — a health blogger/coach for women struggling with body image

4. Coaching

In the online world of coaching, when there’s something to learn, there’s someone to teach it. Online courses have grown exponentially over the past few years, and one-on-one coaching, mastermind groups and in-person sessions are more popular than ever.

AND, you can do it! For whatever creative niche you want. It could be:

  • Health coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Career coaching

5. Finance/Money

Now this one is particularly of interest to me as a business owner (who is always like, WHAT am I doing with my money? And am I making enough to survive?).

Know your beans about money? Well there’s plenty of ways to market yourself online, to appeal (and sell) to your ideal audience. That may be:

  • Students
  • Thrifty parents
  • Bloggers and entrepreneurs
  • Young professional women

6. Travel

You can cast a pretty wide net with travel! It’s a niche that keeps on giving, and it’s actually how I got started in the blogging biz. I simply wrote about my city (Sydney, Australia) and all the fun things you can get up to here. My niche was simple living, that’s how I differentiated myself from other Sydney bloggers, because there’s a lot of them.

Travel is so broad, so picking a niche is crucial to success. BUT you need to know it’s profitable and has an audience.

A particular big growth in travel blogging has been the idea of ‘digital nomads’ — travel and work combined. Many digital nomads teach, blog and consult other hopeful digital nomads on how to pick up their current life and move it to wherever.

The #workfromanywhere hashtag is championed on social media, and continues to grow day by day.

If digital nomad life isn’t for you, do what I did while I was tied down to my degree. Explore your city, give tips and tricks to the ‘best of’ your city has to offer. But focus further, show your city to just locals, or just female solo travellers. Be creative.

All in all, take the time to find one niche and then ‘niche down’ by marketing to ONE audience. It’s your time to make an impact on the world!